UR22C Input 1 Not Working With Jack Fully Plugged In

I bought a UR22C back in February. It’s been working great, but recently I noticed that when sending the same audio source to both inputs (using 1/4" cables), channel 1’s gain needed to be set noticeably higher (with more noise as a result) to get to the same recorded level as input 2. The difference kept getting worse until I couldn’t hear anything out of channel 1 no matter the gain setting.

However, recently I’ve noticed that if I leave the cable sticking out by a good half-inch or so, channel 1 works normally. I’m uncomfortable doing this, because that does not make a secure connection.

The interface’s serial number starts with YEZ, if that helps.

Did you try swopping the two cables to the other input?
If that makes no difference i am afraid the input jack connection has gone bad

Did you try swopping the two cables to the other input?

Yes, I did try that. The problem still happened with channel 1, so it looks like the issue is on channel 1 of the interface.

try testing it with a mic cable in the mic input on both inputs if the issue also occurs with that connection