UR22c - Line input only? Mic inputs not showing up

I just bought a UR22c but for some reason it’s only showing the line out of the device as the input. I don’t have any mic inputs, if I want to even get audio from the mic I need to turn the mix knob to input… it’s really strange. I’ve tried reinstalling the drivers, installing older drivers, different USB ports etc. I’ve hit a wall, can’t think of anything else. The card is working fine otherwise. Both windows and cubase can out get “Line” as the input option (which is just the output of the card…).

Anyone else have this issue or can help? Thanks.

What shows the dspMixFx app?

It’s the same. I only get input if the mix knob is turned towards input, meaning it’s only receiving the card’s output as an input and not the inputs themselves.

I guess it potentially be a hardware issue, I’m currently requesting a refund. A replacement seems like more hassle than it’s worth. It’s a pity because it does seem like an amazing soundcard.

no… that’s wrong… the mix knob is blending in the input related to the playback signal

I know what that knob does. What I’m saying is that in windows, or cubase, instead of getting a mic input the only option being given to me is “Line” which is just the output of the soundcard. Hence, when turning the mix knob it will add in the microphone. To be clear, the “Line” input option also picks up all windows sounds, anything playing in Cubase etc (Unless, of course, the mix knob is turned entirely to the input).

I hope that clears it up.

Anyway, the card seems to not even be turning on now so I think it’s safe to assume that I just got some faulty hardware. I’ll get it replaced.

what is dspMixFX app showing? Loopback? check your settings

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That was it!!! I just had to disable loopback.

Thank you so much! Wow, really thank you thank you thank you. You’re amazing!!


took a bit longer since I was cooking at the same time… :wink: