UR22C Livestream With iOS Not Working

Essentially, I have the exact set up this person has. I’ve done tons of troubleshooting, having both DSP mixfx and loopback enable or not present at all, and still nothing. The only difference with my set up is that I’m not using a power block but a 5v source to power the unit.


iPhone sees the UR22C and works for all non-livestream apps, but as soon as I switch on IG or TWITTER livestream it immediately reverts to core internal core audio.

Has anyone been able to achieve this? Is it a gap? My iOS is 13, supposed to be compatible. I’ve tested with a TASCAM unit as well and same issue, even when set to mono mode.

Please help, this is incredibly frustrating for a unit that boasts this capability… Or maybe it doesn’t it’s not clear.