UR22c, loopback and Os 10.15. Catalina


I can’t find anyway to enable loopback function with ur22c and Mac Catalina Os. I dowloaded and installed the latest drivers from steinberg.net, but still I can’t find ‘Yamaha Steinberg USB control panel’ on system preferences. I do find it installed on my mac when using spotlight search, but not on system preferences. On this ‘Yamaha Steinberg USB control panel’ I can’t find anyway to enable loopback function.

On steinberg webpage it is anounced that this audio interface do have loopback function, so assume that there is a way to make it work.

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On Windows there is a folder in the programlist called Yamaha USB driver, in it there ithe the control panel.
I’m afraid I don’t know where it is installed on Mac.
You definitly need this control panel do make adjustments.

I solved this one. It’s possible to enable loopback using dspMixFx_UR-C application. But indeed there’s nothing at all on system preferences for this audio interface (expect of course on ‘sound’ you can choose inputs and outputs that you are willing to use, for example mac speakers or ur22c output etc.), but everything seems to happen via applications that are installed together with driver installation.

Hope this helps someone!

Same on Windows

Tried to reinstall several times drivers for my ur44c, loop back button from DSP app doesn’t work on mac for me. Real pain this audio interface. It was horrible decision to buy it.