UR22C - M1 MBP Big Sur

I just brought this device home, purely to use with my Friedman guitar amp for headphone playing at night. I’m at wits end already. Much like others here, I can’t actually get the device to show up - I missed the prompt to allow the extension on the initial Yamaha driver install, and now no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall, I’m never given the opportunity to allow the extension - thus the drivers never function. Can’t even update firmware as the device doesn’t show as connected. Anyone ever figure out a work around for this nonsense?

I did not miss the invitation, I installed all the programs. But I still can’t install the new firmware. Writes a message to check the connection. The map is not displayed in the dspMixFx program. Cubase just hangs when the card is connected. Yesterday you updated drivers and firmware but they don’t change anything for Big Sur.

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Please note the compatibility statement in regard to Big Sur and Apple Silicon compatibility:

The interface is not yet compatible but we work on releasing compatible drivers in the future.

In the future? Can you be more specific?

Unfortunately, not at this point. We want to have a very solid plan and release schedule before providing any details. We are also in contact with Apple regarding some issues, so external factors come into play as well.

this F***ing pece of crap, maybe for the cubase 23 work like it should be. two months and an update that does not work. beast and better my tascan US-428 tan the UR22-C

oh no. :see_no_evil: please hurry up guys!!. i’m stuck here traveling arround in Europe with Cubase 11 Pro, Ur44C and a Macbook Pro M1 Powermachine. All my other Soft- and Hardware is ready, only Steinberg Products let me hanging. It’s a terrible disappointment as a satisfied customer for many years…
I’m really sorry to have to say that!! :pensive:

Any updates to share on this matter @Ed_Doll ?

Yes, this week if all goes as planned, @momo


Thanks for your time @Ed_Doll ! Welcome news indeed. :slight_smile:

Just uninstall the Yamaha driver and reboot and use the generic built-in driver. Beware, this is a semi-solution as loopback seems to work on a on/off basis only and if it works, you will hear the latency.

@Ed_Doll Any updates for M1 support? Thank you in advance.

We have released a complete TOOLS for UR-C package today. Version 1.5.1 includes all the compatible Big Sur and Apple silicon-based (Rosetta 2) components. If you have issues with the driver as it is now, please uninstall the driver using the included uninstaller(s) and then install the new package from scratch,

Please make sure to follow the installation guide available here:

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