UR22C - M1 MBP Big Sur

I just brought this device home, purely to use with my Friedman guitar amp for headphone playing at night. I’m at wits end already. Much like others here, I can’t actually get the device to show up - I missed the prompt to allow the extension on the initial Yamaha driver install, and now no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall, I’m never given the opportunity to allow the extension - thus the drivers never function. Can’t even update firmware as the device doesn’t show as connected. Anyone ever figure out a work around for this nonsense?

I did not miss the invitation, I installed all the programs. But I still can’t install the new firmware. Writes a message to check the connection. The map is not displayed in the dspMixFx program. Cubase just hangs when the card is connected. Yesterday you updated drivers and firmware but they don’t change anything for Big Sur.