UR22C new driver lost working USB 3.10

I just upgraded from the original UR-C driver 2.0.1 to the latest 2.0.3 on Windows 10 1909(18363.719) and USB 3.10(high speed USB) which worked flawless before is now impossible to activate. It defaults to USB 2.0 all the time. Same USB port. USB-drivers are Windows own(which looks to have been updated from Microsoft as of 20200220). Mainboard is Asus Crosshair VII with bios 3004 and using a AMD Ryzen 9 3900X.

It’s not critical for myself at the time as I have several interfaces/computers but it looks like something Steinberg/Yamaha needs to look into. Could be a lot of unhappy customers if USB 3.10 isn’t working anymore with newer software.

I had this briefly with my UR816C this week, unstalled the driver and Tools software, restarted the PC and re-installed and now it connects back to USB3.1. I did the latest 10 march W10 update(no drivers update, I block that), maybe that caused it.

There’s a article on the support pages, it seems it’s a known issue with the combination of Asmedia / X470-X570 / Windows own drivers.

Two solutions are listed, one is just revert to USB 2.0 and call it a day the other is to try to downgrade to a older Asmedia-driver not marked by Microsoft. Or use a USB-port directly connected to the chipset, those are typically on the back of the motherboard and the supplied USB-cable is very short so that requires the purchase of a much longer USB-C cable.

I tried downgrading but the latest Windows-version didn’t like it and wanted to revert to it’s newer Microsoft driver, it’s the classical issue of not upgrading Windows for a DAW.

Hi ca-booter,

hey i’m wondering if you use Windows 10 and if so what sort of latency are you able to run at? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m considering buying the UR816C and want to know whether I will be able to run at 64 samples using a thunderbolt / USB 3.1 port

cheers Greg

Yes I am on W10-1909, but I never read any latency values, just see if it works or not. I do record with 64 samples, and that works.
Have to say since my computer is old I am on the max with just getting some realtime peaks now and then with My Triple PLay pickup which is very critical, but still can record.
With my M Audio keyboard all goes well on 64. ALso a lot depending on which VST-instrument you choose offcourse.
But I also record the same way with my FW Yamaha N12interface and have the same results, so I gues the UR816C is just as good.

I’ve newly bought and installed UR22C II USB interface. It works fine but… the driver has taken away my ability to use XGWorks which I’ve had for years and like because it’s somehow deleted the driver (WDM I think). It’s a Yamaha programme so I don’t understand why Yamaha have disabled it. Any ideas please?