UR22C no longer works with newer linux kernels (5.13.X)


I own the UR22C external soundcard and was a very happy linux user, until suddenly it stopped to work with newer linux kernel versions.

I’m on kernel 5.13 now and pulseaudio or pipewire regularily crash whenever I plug in the sound card’s USB cable.

I get error messages like this:

[ 205.104301] pulseaudio[13215]: segfault at 50 ip 0000000000000050 sp 00007fff7b003078 error 14 in pulseaudio[55ac78ff4000+5000]
[ 205.104313] Code: Unable to access opcode bytes at RIP 0x26.

I’ve installed the newest Steinberg firmware for the UR22C with no avail.

This did never happen with older kernels (5.12.X)

Is it a known issue? Is there a workaround or fix?



I believe it’s up to the OS to be Class Compliant. So I guess the place to ask is on a Linux audio type forum. (Which I imagine you already have.)

@steve: Thanks for the hint!