UR22C no sound without Cubase (Windows 10)


Someone could explain to me why is there no sound until Cubase is launched ?

Eg. I try to play a file with Windows Media Player or even WaveLab : the “DAW” level Meter move in the dspMixFx application but no sound in speakers or phones
I launch Cubase first, it’s works fine.

It’s certainly a trouble in configuration, a stuff like that but I don’t understand

Config :
Windows 10, Acer Laptop i5 etc.
Cubase LE Ai 10.5


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Windows uses a WDM driver instead of the ASIO driver Cubase uses.
Maybe you should check in the Windows settings if the UR22C is set as the sounddevice to be used instead of the internal soundcard of your laptop.
I am not familiar with the UR22C so do not know any details.

I’ve the same issue. The UR22c is correctly installed, set as sound-output on Windows, but no sound. When I start Cubase, it works fine and, cause of the background-setting set in Cubase, I can do stuff in Windows and hear perfectly fine.
But sometimes, you just don’t need te start Cubase if you want something to listen to. Is it possible to make this work?

Try to disable the onboard soundcard of your computer, I have disabled mine in the BIOS.