UR22C no sound

Hi guys, sorry but it’s been 4 days and I really don’t know what to do anymore so I thought I tried my chance here.

The situation:

  • My UR22C stopped playing audio since 4 days.
  • It stopped suddenly with no apparent issues. The audio does not work either from the speakers ports or the headphones jack port (yes both are plugged in, turned on, with volume max)
  • The interface is still plugged in, lights on, recognised by Windows 11 and selected as main output.
  • When looking at Windows audio system while playing audio, I can see the visual signals like it’s playing audio.

What I tried:

  • I have tried the Windows audio troubleshooting, no success. Everything seem fine, it’s just that no audio is played out.
  • I have uninstalled the Yamaha drivers, rebooted, re-installed it, reboot it, no success (tried multiple time with both the most recent YSUSB_V213 and back to the YSUSB_V204)
  • I have re-installed the TOOLS_for_URC_V200
  • I have tried the speakers & headset separately , they work fine.
  • Re-installed ASIO4ALL_2_15_English
  • Default Realtek Windows 11 audio interface works fine.
  • I have tried my Akai MPC Live as audio interface with Windows 11, it works fine.
  • Default Realtek Windows 11 audio interface works fine.
  • I have tried multiple audio source (Spotify, YouTube, Ableton Live, Akai MPC software, local mp3s, etc…). Everyworks with Realtek Windows 11 audio interface & Akai MPC Live as audio interface but not

The only thing that I just checked now is that the eLicencer does not seem to have anything registered on it?
And of course I have no idea where to find that ”Download Access Code” that they are asking.

What’s sure is that I went through that process when I bought it. I did not change my laptop or my network or anything since, so I don’t see why suddenly this would be an issue?

Any idea, related to the eLicencer or else would be more than welcome, I’m getting a little crazy over here.


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In which position is the mix dial?
It has to be in the DAW position to hear only the computer.

Damn yeah that was it.
So it was simply moving the knob in the front of the audio interface back from input to DAW.


Thanks to this post my problem didn’t need solving I just had to turn it up lol thanks very much

Hey I am having the same symptom with UR44C with protools…what is the “Mix Dial” you were talking about???

There is no “Mix Dial” on the UR44C.

You might want to start a new topic with a clear description of your problem.

I didn’t think so…I couldn’t find a “Mix Dial”…I figured it was engineer jargon…that’s why I asked the question. But I will get a better description of my “no audio” problem. Thanks for the response:


Mix dial is a dial on smaller interfaces that blends between direct monitor signal and DAW return signal.
Since the UR-44C provides 2 monitor mixes, the mix dial is not useful.
The dspMixFx software is doing the monitor mixes and the routing instead.

I have exactly the same issue as you @om1988. I also tried lots of things like reinstalling drivers with different versions, tried Windows 10 and Windows 11 on different computers, tried USB 2 and USB 3 but nothing works, I still have no sound from my speakers nor my headphone and the mix dial already on “DAW”.

It’s really strange because it suddenly happened yesterday and I didn’t do anything in particular. I’m starting to think about a hardware issue but it really looks like a software problem.

No you don’t, if so the solution would apply to your problem. If not, you have a different problem, that just looks the same.

What is your software to play the sounds?

Thank you so much I had this problem tonight and thought it was bricked oh the disappointment of not another $400 bucks for a muso was gut wrenching. You’re a champ for sharing this to us.