UR22C not 32-bit in Windows 10

Hi, I got the UR22C specifically for the 32bit support but I don’t see how to record with 32bit.

The windows device doesn’t allow any changes of course and the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver (v2.1.3) doesn’t allow setting the bitrate:

The manual states:

True 32-bit resolution
The UR22C and the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver support the 32-bit Integer format, which can represent audio data in higher resolution compared to Float format. Together with a DAW (such as Cubase) which can fully utilize the 32-bit Integer data, they enable unprecedented audio resolution in your music production.

I don’t have Cubase but Audacity supports 32bit processing. But how do I get 32bit in if the Windows driver is 24 bit? Doesn’t everything pass through the Windows driver?

Also, should I expect problems with software that does not support 32bit (e.g. Hindenburg Narrator)?

The answer in UR22C 32bit confusion didn’t help.

Audacity cannot use ASIO drivers.

OK, thanks, that’s a starting point for me. Since I don’t want to compile Audacity myself and none of the forks support ASIO, I tried Wavosaur but it kind of looks like ASIO is only supported for output:

I have Audition and it supports ASIO but 32 bit files are “(float)”. No idea if that is worse/better/irrelevant. I also have no clue how to know if it’s recording in 32-bit or not:
(“Settings…” leads to the USB driver UI from my first post)

There should have been an OEM Cubase license bundled with that purchase, no?

Did you ever get this issue resolved?