UR22C - Problems with Input/Daw-Mix knob

I just got a condenser mic and I connected it via XLR to input 1 of my UR22C. If I undestand the ‘mix-knob’ correctly, it should only change the source of the output sound (input or computer). If I turn the knob all the way to ‘Input’, everything works how it’s supposed to. I can hear the sound coming directly from my mic and my computer is getting an input signal. My problem occurs, if i turn the knob towards ‘Daw’. I can hear the sound coming from my computer which is fine. But the input my computer is getting, is no longer my mic. Now the sound my computer is outputting is coming in as the input. For example: I can play a song on YouTube and I can record this song using my Interface’s Input(?!) I’m using Windows 10, but I don’t think it’s a problem with the driver or anything. I tested it on Linux and experienced the same problem. I really don’t get why this happens and I have not found anybody writing about the same problem.
Hopefully someone knows what’s going on :slight_smile:

Is the loopback turned on?

Thanks alot! I didn’t know about the ‘dspMixFx’ app. Loopback was turned on and also some other effects.