UR22C Producing Reverb

Hi All,

I have recently purchased the UR22C.

Without even installing Cubase, if you plug into either input with a mic via XLR or guitar via jack, and use the headphones, theres is some very heavy reverb on the output to headphones, this is when the AI is plugged into the laptop by USB.

I have updated the drivers and also installed Cubase AI, and the problems still remains. If you record, it records the heavy reverb as well. I have modified every setting including input/daw mix but nothing effects it. The quality is appalling due to the amount of what sounds like reverb on the input signal. Again to re-iterate, this reverb is on the output signal regardless of whether Cubase or anything else is open or not. OS is Windows 10.

Any help on the matter would be appreciated, Im wondering if it is a faulty unit?

The UR22C has DSP processing OnBoard. Time to open ist manual and get to grips with it.