UR22c questions

Good day,

I’m looking at purchasing the UR22c and am wondering about the monitor outputs. I need them to be as clean as possible (lowest self-noise possible) for when music is NOT playing. I did borrow a 2i2 from that other company and it was perfect. Just wondering if I could expect the same from a UR22c.

I’m also wondering about the mic which comes with the Recording Pack bundle. Is it a rebranded AT-2020, or something different. The store I’m buying from is trying to steer me away from the Recording Pack saying the mic isnt as good as something like an AT-2020.


I dont know if the mic is a rebranded something, but I do know it does its job quite well, just dont expect €1000 performance. Regarding selfnoise you will probably find all you need with Julian Krause in this review playlist (both ur22c and that other interface are there):

Unfortunately the one thing Julian does not look at/measure are the monitor outputs (although IF the noise on the headphone-out is any indication, it should be good).

I have a ur22c and it is great. The monitor outputs have a separate volume control to the headphone which some other interfaces don’t have. It’s a great interface maybe not the clearest digital analog preamps around but ok. The monitor output are noise free as are the headphone jack monitor output.