UR22C+software - New to this, need help!

Hi, I recently got an UR22C, which is my first interface ever and my experience on this stuff is absolutely zero. :confused: How do I get started after downloading all the files? I’ve downloaded TOOLS and Basic FX Suite on my Windows 10. Now I’ve got quite a few problems:

  1. Can’t download Cubase AI. The download assistant shows “Failed” and tells to try again later. I wonder if the problem is with my laptop, internet connection (it should work but isn’t too good) or with the app?
  2. I’ve checked the settings from the control panel, and there is the interface as a sound device.Should I do something there? In the guide it’s said just to check that the interface shows up in the control panel after installing the software.
  3. Now where do I set up DAW settings? How do I do that and what’s that about, in fact?
  4. There should be also Guitar Amp Classics installed at the same time with Basic FX Suite, how do I use it - where do I find it on the laptop?
  5. I just don’t know how do these things work! Can’t find a clear guide. Do I need to get Cubase AI working in order to record? How can I record? Out of this mess the only clear thing for me is that Cubase is meant for editing and stuff but what about the others?

Huge thanks for any help to get forwards with the interface/apps/forum/anything! :smiley: