UR22C sound crackling and dropout -possible fix

Building a new pc coming from my old 2700k. On the old machine my Steinberg UR22C worked perfectly. Set it up with my new 3900xt on a MSI b450 tomahawk motherboard.
Started experiencing crackling noise or dropouts for a second in odd games and even sometimes on YouTube. It would build up in games from nothing the first few minute to unbearable 5 minutes later. Constant dropouts and crackling.
My hunch was it was power-related.
But alot of info go on about overclocks, xmp profiles, PCI4, xmp-profiles, windows 10 related stuff, sata cables, and on and on. Even upgrading asmedia usb controllers and a new Steinberg driver-update.
I tried the following:

  • Upgrading drivers. Steinberg and USB-controller.
  • Checking and changing powerplans for USB in windows.
  • Checking settings and changing some USB-settings in bios.
  • did not want to lower any performance setting or raise voltage in bios to satisfy a simple usb-soundcard
  • read alot and for far to long about frustrated people’s trials and experiences.

Noticed less problems when machine was just turned on or I swapped usb-connectors… Which again points to be a power related USB-issue.
Found a old 5v mobilephone charger and plugged it into the back on of my UR22C (remember to change the supply-scheme on the back also). Now it has its own power supply and I experience ZERO dropouts. No motherboard, windows or powerplans messing up the power for my soundcard.
Hope it helps! It’s worth a try.

My error prompt is the same as yours. When I turn off the xmp of the memory (the frequency drops from 4000 to 2666), the audio is not lost again.