ur22c Sound is only available in recording programs

Help is needed. I’ve been using Steinberg products for several years and everything has been great.

Yesterday, while using Vegas Pro 13, I opened the browser to see how configure one of the plugins. No sound was playing in the browser.
Previously I did this while using Cubase 10.5. and everything was fine, there was sound in both sources.
After closing Vegas Pro 13, the sound does not play in browsers, audio players (PotPlayer, Windows media player etc).
Sound is only available in recording programs - Cubase 10.5, Vegas Pro 13, Reaper.
More it is nowhere to be found: it is not in games, audio-video players, browsers

What I tried:
restoring Windows to an earlier date
Removing drivers for ur22c and reinstalling

no result

Motherboard - x99-8m gaming
Intel xeon E5 2620 v3
RAM - 16 Gb
ur22c - USB 3.0

Win 8.1 Pro

Everything was amazing
I’m out of ideas right now

Hi @Sergey_Polushin, and welcome to the Steinberg community.

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with playback.

Have you checked your “System Sounds” settings for the playback device?

Search: Control Panel, select “System Sounds” and make sure that the UR22C is selected as “Default Playback Device”.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the answer
Everything is connected and selected correctly
I’ve been using this program for many years, never had any problems. I also installed it on different systems.
We are currently solving the problem with technical support. No results yet

Aaaar, I get it now, you obviously know the obvious.

Yeah, it does sound like a system thing best left to technical support.

Good Luck.