UR22C Spotify/browser audio problems Macos

I have my snazzy new UR22C up and running. TOOLS installed, V2.0.3 drivers installed, electric bass and guitars putting down nice sounding tracks in Garageband. Aside from a few volume issues that I haven’t resolved yet I’m really happy.

Problem is when I try and listen to other audio, say playing along to Youtube or Spotify, the audio quality playing from the browser is terrible. Everything is tinny, I can’t hear any bass or kick. Vocals are distant and weird sometimes with a tremolo thing happening.

I’ve tried everything I can think of and consulted Google but still coming up empty. Does anyone have any clues as to what I could be missing?

Late 2011 MBP, High SIerra, UR22C, Headphones out

:blush: :blush:

It’s time for a new 3.5mm - 6.5mm adapter…