UR22C to iPad air (Lightning cable)

Reading the manual, they say it is possible, but it doesn’t really explain how.

The USB-C can be connected to a camera connection kit sold by apple, which has a female USB-A connector, and a lightning female for power. This connects to the lightning connector on the iPad.

How do you connect the USB-C on the UR22C, to a USB-A female? Apple doesn’t sell a USB-C to USB-A connector.

I hear using 3rd party cables will not allow the Cubase IOS software to see the UR22C, so I am not sure what to do. (Other than buy a new iPad).

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Well, I decided to go another route. I purchase a USB-C to Lighting cable to go direct to the ipad ($49), and it didn’t work. USB light keeps flashing.

I don’t think this actually works, as I have not found any evidence of anyone using it this way.

just connect the camera connection kit to the ipad (lightning), the usb - C cable (which was enclosed to the interface) in the USB port and the power cable in the lightning port next to the usb…

Maximilian’s suggestion worked for an iPad Pro gen 2, but not for an iPhone 6S. I suggest Steinberg, Apple, or both publish good clear descriptions, images or product numbers of what works—anything to keep the customer from floundering around websites and forums. Especially Steinberg should do this in the owner’s documentation. Do I sense a communication breakdown between the two companies? I was psyched about the product until I ran into a wall trying to figure out how connect it. This from one who has the geek gene, even.