UR22C - Unable to hear Windows 11 sound as soon as any DAW is opened

Hi guys,

I bought the UR22C a couple of months ago. The issue I’m having is that anytime I open my DAWs (could be Ableton Live 11 or Akai MPC software 2.11), I cannot play anything coming from windows (as example a YouTube video, Netflix, Spotify, a song saved on my laptop, anything).

And when I close the DAW, I need to switch the audio devices several times to Windows 11 default (Speaker Realtek Audio) and reverse it to “Line (Steinberg UR22C Audio)”.
Sometimes it does not even work so I need to completely unplug the UR22C and replug it. Sometimes that works but sometimes that makes my laptop crash and restart.

I did not have this issue when I had the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd gen, and I could flawlessly open DAWs, keep playing music on Spotify, watch a YouTube video, etc…

I have Windows 11 and the latest “TOOLS for UR-C V2.0.0 · 433 MB” driver.

I tried to look around but could not find anyone having this issue.

Any idea on what might be causing this issue and how to fix it?

There’s a checkbox in the [Studio Setup - Audio] section that says “Release Audio Driver when in Background” (or etc)

Try that?

Thanks for the answer; but sorry if that’s a stupid question, but where would that be?
I don’t see that in the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver app…

on The DAWs maybe? but I don’t see that on the Akai MPC software (which is what I use the most) and I cannot find it on Ableton Live 11 either…

that being said, regarding the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver app, it’s the first time I opened it, and it says that the connection is 2.0 whereas it’s clearly plugged on a 3.0 port, with a 3.0 cable. Maybe that’s related?


That’s the location and system setting in Cubase. I assume something similar in other DAW.

The unit is USB3 but doubt USB2 connection is the problem, but anything is possible.

Could also have something to do with Windows Sound Settings… and how the hardware is configured there.

Yeah I looked and I don’t see such option in either Akai software or Ableton Live 11.

I spent quite a bit of time on Windows setting and could not find anything either.

Maybe the UR22C simply works better in Cubase because they are both Seinberg products but that’s a bit of a shame though…

Thanks for your help anyway.

If I find the solution I’ll whatever update it here just in case anyone else has the same issue.

It usually doesn’t work that way. You just haven’t figured it out yet and corrected your settings. Keep trying.

Well it was working fine with the Focusrite scarlett 2i2 2nd gen.
I changed it for completely different issues from that model but I guess all hardwares have their flaws and are not fully compatibles with everything.

Anyway you’re right I’ll keep trying and hopefully at some point I’ll find a solution!

May be you are running into the problem documented below, if your USB driver is C2. 1.0

Reverting to 2.0.4 did the trick, thanks a lot man :pray: