UR22C - Uneven Audio Balance on Headphone Output

Hey there,

Currently have a Shure mv7 running through my UR22C to my PC and figured I should probably be running a wired set of headphones through it as well for my PC audio. Picked up the ATH-M20X and plugged them in, super happy with it, except there’s a noticeable imbalance between the right and left cups in the headphone where the right cup is louder.

I’ve tested them plugged straight into my PC and the audio is balanced there, so I know it’s not the headphones. It could be the adapter shipped with the headphones to allow it to be plugged into the interface, I’d just like to rule out me having configured something in the interface itself wrong first before I start getting replacement parts.

If anyone has any ideas that could help, it would be much appreciated




I already have my unit (also a UR22C) for quite a long time and never really used the headphone output until now. Seems like I experience the exact same problem as you: The right cup is noticeably louder than the left one, even more when the volume is set at quiet levels.

I also excluded all the possible problem sources (tried multiple headphones both in correct position and turned around, used mono recordings both from PC and via the Mic/Line input, used other sound cards, …). Funnily enough: The levels of the main output at the back are balanced! Only the headphone output at the front has this problem.

Do you have found any solution regarding this? I’m really sure that this is a hardware problem, at least I’m not alone with this…