UR22C UR24C : old windows versions (<10) support

Hi, looking for a soundcard (easy to install, without glitches or crack, always ON with USB) under windows 8.1, 64bits, I try to understand wether URC series are officially supported for windows versions older than 10.
Here is what I can read on Steinberg web pages :

  1. Configurations minimales des produits Steinberg | Steinberg :
    “UR22C : Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11 (64-bit)”
    L'interface portable parfaite | Steinberg
    “Configuration minimale requise : Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11 (64-bit)”

  2. UR-C Updates and Downloads | Steinberg
    "TOOLS for UR-C V1.1.0 for Windows Release Note :
    System Requirements for Software : OS Windows7 SP1(32-bit/64-bit), Windows8.1(32-bit/64-bit)
    Firmware UR22C/UR44C V1.50

So, I understand that these cards are only officially supported for Windows 10 or higher, but can be plugged with convenient driver and TOOL software under windows 7 to 8.1
Am I true ?
If yes, what is the real problem with this quite “unofficial” configuration ?
If no, why official Steinberg requirements are only Windows 10 or 11 ?

Thanks for your explanations.

waiting for Steinberg’s support feedback to decide for a new audio interface, a response would be very useful to me - and others eventually .
Of course, Win 7 and 8 are old stories, now, but it’s such a challenge to change for a new machine or upgrade to a new O.S. (experienced when migrating from 7 to 8.1) because of licencing and compatibility problems (virtual instruments especially) that it may make sense to sell some quality win 7 or 8 hardware/software compatible at this time. For the same reason, some have to keep my old Cubase AI 9 because new versions are for Win 10/11 only. Not good for progress nor for business.
Thanks for your understanding.

It’s that they don’t test it in those OS versions, and official tech support might say they can’t help with an unsupported OS.

Maybe, Steve, but it’s difficult to believe that win 7 or 8 drivers are especially written and officially advertised without having been tested.
Anyway, if somebody has experienced this configuration, please let me know.