UR22C usb blinks and audio stops/crackles when alt-tabbing

Windows 10, Cubase isn’t open. I’m running the latest yamaha driver version. Motherboard is M5A97 R.2, UR22C is connected via USB 2.0. (Connecting on the USB 3 makes this problem even worse, even with drivers set to USB 3.1. Probably because the motherboard USB 3 is a USB 3.0 and not a 3.1 or 3.2)

I’m using Steinberg’s ST-H01. I don’t have audio monitors to compare to.

The usb light blinks, which I guess turn the sound off and on quickly, which produces a quick crackle, buzzing or a slight stop on the audio.

This only happens when alt-tabbing or selecting some already opened program window.

It’s almost as if there wasn’t enough energy to power it, although it the light doesn’t blink if I stay on the same program, no matter for how long.

Is this normal or is there a fix?
Could it hurt my headphones?