UR22C USB Driver is disabling my Ethernet adapter.

Hi there,

I have a UR22C device and am using Windows 10 with Ableton 10 Intro as my DAW. I have all of the latest firmware and software updates installed for both the OS and the UR22C. It appears there is an issue with the UR22C USB driver, as when the USB device is enabled in Device Manager, it knocks out my Ethernet (wired) adapter. Wi-fi works, but I need more bandwidth and prefer to use the 1GB network speed for streaming.

If the USB “Steinberg UR22C” device is enabled in Device Manager, the Ethernet stops working. To resolve the issue, I can disable the device in Device Manager, and reset the network adapter and everything works from the network perspective, but now I can’t see the device in Ableton, which is definitely not good! It took many hours of troubleshooting to isolate the issue to the USB device.

I am hoping that someone may have seen this issue and have a workaround.

Thank you…

Peter from Toronto, Canada