UR22C won't work with Webex

Hello, I’m a violin teacher. Yesterday I bought a UR22C so I can connect it to my iPad Pro and use it for online lessons with my students while their presence because of the pandemic is not possible. One of the main reasons I bought it was the Loopback feature.

Any way I use two main apps for this, Zoom and Webex. I won’t bother you with zoom as everything works as expected. On the other hand Webex won’t recognize UR22C and connects through iPad’s microphones and speakers. At that point the logic says that it’s Webex’s problem but my second audio interface focusrite 2i2 (using this on Mac) work’s fine with Webex app in iPad.

I asked a friend to try his UR22mkII, he said that Webex won’t recognize it.

Is there any way it can be fixed?

Thank you for your time.

I was going to reply that I’ve had the same issue with my UR44 in Webex for some time (I’m running on a MacBook Pro, late 2013 model). However, I double checked before I replied here, and found that I do get a signal on input channel 1, but not on inputs 2-6. Like you, I find that the UR44 works fine in Zoom for all 6 input channels. (I generally connect guitar on 1, bass on 2, stereo microphone on 3-4, keyboard on 5-6. The mic on 3-4 never worked in Webex, but I never thought to try plucking the guitar).

At least in my case Webex recognises the Steinberg device as an audio input. Which made it all the more frustrating before I discovered that channel 1 works. In some ways, though, my issue with Webex is even more puzzling. How does Webex manage to pick out one channel, and not the signal from the whole device?

Whatever, the folks at Steinberg need to talk to the folk at Webex and sort it out!