UR22mk2 input output conection to Mixer

I have a USB Audio interface Steinberg UR22mk2 and need to know best way to connect and route to Mackie 1402VLZ pro mixer.
I use soft synths via cubase AI 10.5
Hardware external synths conneted to makie mixer
Active studio monitors connected to mackie control room outputs

Do I connect the tape out (unbalanced ) or Main out (balanced) from Mackie mixer to UR22 Line input?

UR22 line output back into mackie mixer tape input(unbalanced) or line input channel (balanced) of Mackie mixer?
The reason for conecting back to mixer is so i can hear whats recorded and hear the synths via mixer.
I read that one should be aware of audio feed back loop if connecting back to mixer too?

Any help would be helpfull

I would definitely use the balanced alternatives.