UR22mk2 only one Mic Input is used


i am using the UR22mk2 as a “Soundcard” for my Windows PC.
Now i want to use 2 Mikrofones at the same time, but only the first channel is actualy recording my voice. the second input doesnt work.
In the Cubase Software everything works fine.
I enabled the “loopback” in the Yamaha Driver Software and set the mix to stereo.
But it doesn seems to effect the input.

Maybe someone could help?
I just want, that both microfones are used as “input” for software like Discord, or other software.


Have you checked you have selected the right audio interface in studio? In vst connections inputs have you created 2 mono inputs?

it works fine in the Studio Software.
I want to use two Microfones at the same time, while using the UR22MK2 as a “normal” sound card at my PC.
This seems not to work, it only uses the sound from the first input (mic 1).