UR22mkII and 16-bit depth

Hi, I am trying to use my UR22mkII with Rocksmith14 Remastered.

As they advised, I need to set the driver to 48kHZ and I can hear everything ok, but within the application the microphone (or line in) is not detected.

I believe it is because the bit depth is 24bit and Windows10 won’t let me change that. Do you have any other idea why this might be happening or solution to my problem?

There are a couple of workarounds for sound interfaces in GitHub but I haven’t been lucky after trying that.


I don’t think that the bit depth has anything to do with the problem. Windows can use whatever is supported by the driver or the software.
If the audio device is not blocked from an application, Windows should be able to switch sample rates as needed.

Hi, I am having the exact same problem. Did you somehow manage to solve it?

He/she never looked back to this place.