UR22mkII and a Mac (Catalina) - an interface issue (no signal)

I’m not able to get any signal through the UR22mkII to my Mac, despite of some serious effort. I’ve tried both plugging in mics as well as getting midi signal directly from my piano to my URmkII, but neither options works. I know there’s no signal coming in as the input level visible both in Cubase and Control Panel stays at zero.

However, when using the computers built-in microphone I’m able to get the signal to Cubase, so at least it seems I have Cubase working. (I could add that I can’t get any signal from UR22mkII to GarageBand either.)

I’ve installed the latest drivers and the firmware update for UR22mkII (see below). My Mac recognizes my UR22mkII in the sense that both in Utilities > Audio Midi Setup and in Control Panel > Sound, the UR22mkII unit shows up. However, in Control Panel > Sound, the input level for UR22mkII stays at zero. (Above the input level meter, there’s a text: “The selected device has no input controls”, but I’m not sure if this is relevant.)

For me it looks like there’s an issue in the interface between the UR22mkII and my Mac, but I have no idea of what exactly that is and how to fix it. Any ideas?

My specs:

macOS Catalina 10.15
Cubase LE AI 10.15
UR22 mkII 24 bit
Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 2.0.4 for macOS 10.15 installed
UR22mkII Firmware update V1.04-2 (released on Dec 6, 2019) carried out

Also, in Utilities > Audio Midi Setup, the channel volume for UR22mkII inputs (as well as the master volume) stays at zero, and it’s not possible to adjust this, even though it seems like it should be possible to move those control knobs.

Reinstalling the usb driver resolved the issue.