UR22mkII and macOS Catalina 10.1503

Hi everybody
It seems my UR22mkII does not work with my Mac - (macOS Catalina 10.1503).
I use Cubase LE AI 10. with all the new Updates. I have also updated the firmware with V1.04-2.

My cubase work - I can start a song - and the marker follows the song. But there are no “out blow” on the “Lower zone” in Cubase. And no sound at all.
When I use “built in-audio” the “lower zone” works, there are sound - but (off course) through the mac’s audiosystem. So it seems I can’t use the UR22mkII any more.
The problem occurred before Christmas.

Can anybody help me, I will be very thankful.
Best regards

When I try to record, I get this information:
Recording error: ASIO driver is not running.
I have attached som screenshots:)