UR22mkII ASIO problem after latest Windows update.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using the UR22mkII since 2017 as a MIDI input device for my daughter’s piano and as Skype/Discord input/output solution. Everything worked perfectly almost without a hitch. However, yesterday I’ve installed the latest Windows 10 update and Cubase poped an error after loading that the input/output device is not found.

I’m no expert but from what could understand it is an ASIO problem. When I opened my Sound settings in the control panel and clicked the red Yamaha icon the first dropdown menu in the ASIO tab is inactive and blank.

After installing the latest driver the Yamaha icon is gone from the control panel and the Cubase issue persists.

Somehow the MIDI input is still recognized by Cubase and if I switch to a different output device (a TV that’s connected via HDMI to a video card) there’s audio. Compared to the studio monitor sound my current situation is torture. Please advise.