UR22mkII Bent USB Pins

So I’ve had this audio interface for about two years; it’s great I truly do love it but today I went to pull out my USB cable (always used a high-quality cable, made sure it was aligned, etc.) and it had some resistance so I pulled a bit harder the cable came out of the port I went off to a quick session elsewhere and when I went to plug it in no power, nothing at all on the USB end. I checked inside to see if perhaps some debris had gotten inside and noticed the pins were bent upward and downward on two of them. What on earth do I do? I can’t afford another interface now as I’m currently not profiting much off my music and doing it purely for my love of it. Does anyone know of a company that can replace the port? I’m not good at soldering. I bought it from Sweetwater if that means anything as well.

Well anyway thanks and I hope to hear some replies soon. Take Care.

Inside this German Forum you’ll get no Answer.