UR22mkII disconnects on OSX Big Sur

I’ve got a UR22mkII that I ran with no issues for years on my old Mac. I’ve recently upgraded to a 2020 Macbook Air with the M1 chip running Big Sur and I’ve been finding my interface has been randomly but consistently disconnecting and reconnecting, particularly when running heavier applications like Adobe products or Logic. It will stabilize for a period, then cycle through reconnecting and disconnecting. I’ve upgraded the drivers to 3.1.1 with no luck.
I’ve seen other people have similar, if not identical issues - is there a clear answer as to what’s going on and how to remedy it? Right now my best solution is to just buy a new, different interface, but I’d rather not.
help appreciated.

Did you find a solution for this?
It’s happening to me constantly, even with only playing music through Spotify. The source changes from my UR-RT2 to the Macbook speakers and back non-stop until I disconnect and reconnect the card, then it comes back after 10-15 minutes