UR22MkII - Do I need a D.I. box?

Hi forumites, first post here!

Well, I tried to find the answer through the search tool, but it returned a bunch of topics with the “box” word, which make me lost.

I’m an owner of a UR22MkII, and am recording acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, vocal and electric piano (everything else, probably will be recorded via MIDI). Do anyone can tell if for someone who will be using, prioritarily, amp sims than real amps to record, a D.I. is undispensable? If so, what would you recomend, for active and passive guitars and basses? One more point: with hi output pickups, I don’t even need to turn on the Hi-Z in the interface, and it’s preamp level goes up maximum at noon. However, with Hi-Z turned on, I must run the interface’s level at almost zero to avoid clipping it’s preamp.

Thanks in advance.

No you don’t need a DI, just use the Hi Z. And as long as you can get the input below clipping, it does not matter where the "interface’s level " (I guess you mean the knob is almost fully ccw) is. Have fun:)

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