UR22mkII echo in headphone or no sound of effects

Hello guys,

I have cubase le ai 12 on windos 10 and I am using a UR22mkII in USB . I plug my guitar with a jack directly in the input 2, I have the Hi-z ON. My headphones are plug in the UR22MKII.

My problem is, when I play on my guitar without the button “monitor” ON, on the audio 01, I can hear my guitar but I won’t have any effect (delay, distortion and stuff) working or going thrue my ears, only dry sound…

Now if I press the "monitor"button that then turn orange, I can hear the effect but like if I had a double sound, it is very muddy, cloudy, echo-ish, inaudible, even if I change the amp set up, it is with every effects.

I watched the videos about the settings and the only thing I can’t do, is to use the control room, as it is only available in cubase pro.

Also, when I hear the recording afterward, the sound is good, no problem of echo.

Could please help me with this?

Thank you a lot.


Turn the mix knob on your interface fully to daw.

So many hours looking for a conspiracy on my setup and finally it was just a knob to turn fully right…

Thank you a lot for your help!