ur22mkii In, Onboard Out Setup

Hello, so I have a Shure SM7B mic that I bought this interface for. I want to record vocals, and also use the mic for VOIP software.

I have speakers attached to my mobo output, and I have headphones currently just coming out from my computer, as I don’t have a proper TRS cable for them yet to plug into the interface out. I was hoping that I could simply record in, and use my mobo output as I currently do.

I’m just running the SM7B to XLR in, and my out runs thru the included USB cable.

However, testing in Audacity reveals that while the input is DETECTED (I can see the input volume levels increasing every time I speak), it doesn’t seem to be written to any output, as the recording waveform is just a flatline. It’s not even that I can’t hear it thru output, it’s just not even being translated to any output, regardless of the output device I choose.

It doesn’t seem to be an Audacity problem, as I have this issue with basically every program that accepts voice input. It is clearly being detected by all software, but I can never hear playback.

Do I simply need to wait until I get my aux to TRS cable so I can use the interface as out? Or is there a way for me to use the interface as input, then use onboard computer output? Sometimes I like to switch between my headphones and speakers as outs, and my speakers only have a direct line out from the subwoofer, so I can’t really plug them into the interface I don’t think.

That depends on the used software - read its manual!