UR22mkII interface-very low recording/waveform

Hello friends,
I am trying to record an audiobook and cannot get a normal recording from this interface. The audio is very low and the waveform so small it almost looks like a straight line, despite the gain being turned up.

I have tried multiple computers and both Audacity and Reaper and the problem persists. I also switched cables. No luck.

The sound/gain on the DAW and Windows settings are both up, as is the gain on the Steinberg. I am recording in mono.

I also have selected the correct line in my DAW (Steinberg line instead of the computer mic), so the input source should be correct.

My set up:
UR22 interface
WA-87 mic
Windows 10

Any ideas of what could be wrong? The interface is not old at all :frowning: I have been trying to figure this out for weeks.Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

48 V turned on?