UR22mkii+ipad air2 48v phantom power problem

when connected my ur22mkii to laptop and turn on the phantom power switch the indicator light is running and it seems there is no problem…

but when it is connected to ipad air2(which I always prefer that way) and turn on the phantom power switch, the indicator light starts to blinking not lighting constantly and there is a pulsing,heartbeat like sound coming through mointors,but my condenser mic is still working at that time…

I never bumped,dropped,shake or even moved my ur22mkii…It is constant in its place since I first set about a year ago…and it is stranger that it seems working well with the pc but there is a problem with ipad…I updated ios to last version,check steinberg firmware and nothing changed…by the way I m using official lightning to usb 3 camera connection kit…I havent connected my condenser mic to steinberg and used my phantom power since november or december maybe…it was working regularly… so please help me what is the problem here?thnxxx

Hi willywonka,

The UR22MKII must be supplied with external power,
if you want to use it error-free with the iPad Air 2.

UR22mkII provides a 5 V DC port to supply power when connected to an iPad or iPhone.
A standard USB power adapter or an external USB battery can be plugged in to guarantee power stability.

Read the following information and connection pictures under this link :


  • UR22mkII Connection example with laptop, rear panel
  • UR22mkII Connection example with iPad, rear Panel


Thanks Jan for the reply but I’m already using a standart usb power adapter when using with ipad…I havent changed anything that I used to operating ur22mkii…There wasn’t any problem before…In fact up to this time,I never operated it with laptop…It was working fine…After this problem occurs I wanted to see if this is a think about ipad or ios…I dont know same cables same device everything is the same and working fine on laptop but not on ipad…Maybe camera connection kit has a issue but it is official apple product and I specially purchased it for my steinberg device and never bend or enforced or plug out it anyway…

Hi willywonka,

I cannot identify in your description exactly what your problem with the UR 22 MK II is.

Did you connect the UR 22 MK II exactly as described in the description?

Please describe in detail step by step your connection from URMK22 to iPad.
Please describe your error symptoms in detail step by step.

You can also send us a photo or video of your Connection (Rear Panel) to the iPad as a private message.


I am connecting the UR22MKII to ipad air2 exactly as described in the description…I am using 5dc port with an external usb adapter as you said and using an official apple lightning to usb 3 camera connection kit…Everything is working with no problem but when I connect my condenser mic to input 1 or input 2 on ur22mkii ,and turn on the 48v phantom power switch at the backside of the ur22mkii, 48v indicator light on the frontside of ur22mkii starts to blinking…There is not a constant light at 48v indicator…And at the same time a pulse ,heartbeat sound coming through my monitors…It looks like, 48v power is in a on and off loop…But I can record with mic but that awful heartbeat sound is still there…So I tried my Ur22mkii with my laptop…I used 5 dc port with same external usb adapter which I used with ipad connection…I tried the same connection on ipad ,only difference was using usb cable instead of apple camera connection kit and using a laptop…When I turn on the 48v power switch this time 48v light was not blinking…There was a constant light as it’s supposed to be…So there is a problem somewhere in ipad connection but I can not figure out…

Hi willywonka,

Thank you for your detail description .

I will do some tests with the UR22MKII like your setup and inform you today about my results.


ok thank you so much I’m waiting…In addition all firmwares are latest versions and after the problem occurs I updated ios to latest version but nothing changed…The problem is still there…I will also send a video in first chance

Hi willywonka,

I can’t reproduce this with iPad Air 2+ iOS 12.2, iPad Pro11 + iOS 12.2

How I tested :

  • connect UR22MKII with 5V DC external power supply
  • set switch to 5V DC external power supply
  • connect usb cable via camera connection kit to iPad ( USB light on)
  • connect condenser microphones via XLR to Input 1
  • switch +48 Phantom power on
  • start cubasis, create project, audio track, activate record enabled
  • start recording
    Result: Condenser microphone picks up as expected, no noise etc…, recording works as expected

Do you use the right XLR connector cable for the UR 22 MK II Input and the mic ?

…48v indicator light on the frontside of ur22mkii starts to blinking…There is not a constant light at 48v indicator…And at the same time a pulse >….,heartbeat sound coming through my monitors…It looks like, 48v power is in a on and off loop…

The red +48 LED must light continuously when the +48 button is on.

  • If no microphones are connected, the +48 LED should light continuously.
  • If a condenser microphone is connected, the +48 LED should also light up continuously

If the red +48 LED only starts flashing after you have connected your mic, there may be something wrong with your mic….

Which iOS version you are using ?


Thanks man for the great support…I figured out the problem…I ve just tried with another dc adaptor,and the problem solved.I think the dc adaptor that I used with no problem up to now, has a problem and can’t give enough power to run ur22mkii when 48v switch is on…I used a standart mobile phone 5V adaptor 1800mah and it is ok now…can you please tell me is there any optimum power adapter for ur22mkii? Thanks so much

Hi willywonka,

I figured out the problem…

I’m glad to hear that.

can you please tell me is there any optimum power adapter for ur22mkii?

No, but i use every time for testing an apple phone charger adapter with usb cable to 5V UR22MkII plug or an 5V Samsung phone charger.