UR22mkII on all the time?


Do you think it’s a bad Idea to have the unit turned on 24/7?
I would like to use the unit as the primary sound source for my computer but I’m wondering if having it turned on and working 24/7 might significantly shorten it’s life? What do you think?


My opinion…

I think it would be fine and last as long as any other electronic device that stays on 24/7. Hopefully, to keep the heat down you can positioned it in a location that does not hamper air circulation.

FWIW… I had my old PreSonus Firebox interface hooked up to a power switch that had it and my PC plugged into. When I switched that power strip on it powered up the PC and Firebox. So, it wasn’t on all the time but, it was powered on whenever I had the PC running. That Firebox was purchased in 2008 and is still working today with that same PC.

Of course if it does crap out… you’ll be out $150. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

There are 2 things that make electronics suffer the most:

  1. Temperature changes while operating and in particular overheating.
  2. Switching off/on. Which automatically is related to (1) because it needs to warm up.

So if you can keep your unit switched on and can keep it on optimum operating temperatures theoretically your device will live longer than switching it off/on all the time.