UR22MKII random dropouts and distortion/bitcrushing on Windows 10


I’ve been having a lot of problems lately with my UR22 Mk2 on Windows 10.
I’m having random dropouts (the white light on the audio interface turns off for a second, then turns itself back on). When this happens the audio pauses for 2-3 seconds and then comes back.
Other times the interface light doesn’t turn off, but anything that I am playing has a really bad distorted pitched up noise, It actually sounds like a really bad bitcrusher.
This also happens randomly, both in my DAW and anywhere else (music player, browser, Spotify app) and can last for minutes.

Last time it happened it was really bad, I also got this message in my DAW: “There was an error opening the audio hardware: error initializing ASIO driver”. I have uninstalled the Yamaha Steinberg USB drivers, restarted the PC, installed the YSUSB_V216_Win driver and restarted the PC again. This seemed to have fixed it for a couple of days, but today I’m right back where I started with that horrible bit crushed sound appearing randomly.

I know it’s a software/driver issue because reinstalling the driver did help, and sometimes restarting the PC also helps, but only for a little while.
This happens no matter if the interface gets power from the laptop, or if it is powered externally and the switch set to 5V DC.

It’s a great interface when it’s working, I’ve powered through when this happened only a couple of times a week randomly, but I can’t use it like this. Sometimes the dropouts/distortion happens every minute.
What else can I still try?

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This could be a hardware problem as well. A broken USB port for example.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve tried different USB cables and ports on my laptop and the result is the same.
I think it would also be one hell of a coincidence that the USB port would un-break itself for a while right after reinstalling the drivers/restarting the PC.


Yes, for some of us on Windows 10, the YSUSB driver is an extremely dismal performer.

If you are still having issues and you haven’t already, have a read through this to see if anything helps:

Thanks, I will try this! For about a week the dropouts were minimal, but now they are back so I’m going to have to try it.

What kind of system is it?

I’ve had the same issue for years (since ~2017) with my Steinburg UR 22 mkII and have never found a fix. I have used with multiple computers, operating systems (Windows 10 and 11), and USB cables.

Bitcrushing or audio dropouts for about 2-3 seconds every 2-3 minutes.

Try installing the latest “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver”, there is version 2.1.6 for Windows 10/11 released October 5, 2023.

Once installed, you can open up the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver” application and select “Stable” mode. That seemed to help with the bitcrushing.