UR22mkII Randomly Stops Playing Audio

Windows 10 Professional
AMD FX-8300 8x3.3GHz

No matter which USB port I connect the UR22 to, either USB 3 or USB 2 controller, randomly the device will stop playing audio. I usually get 5-20 minutes before the audio playback will stop. Otherwise, the device works perfectly. I can get sound to restore unreliably by physically adjusting the output knob on the device up and down in rapid succession. More reliably if I go to the sound control panel and “test” the device several times the audio will restore after a few of these. 100% sound restoration by disabling the device in sound control panel and then re-enabling the device.

This seems to occur whether I’m using the Windows audio driver for global system sound, or the ASIO driver in a recording application, like Cubase.

My power settings are configured for high performance, no sleep mode, no hibernation and I’ve disabled the ability to conserve power by suspending USB devices. I’ve used latencymon, and it reports I should be good for real-time audio, but since this is just a complete audio engine shutdown, I don’t think the DPC/ISRs would be the culprits.

I’ve got the latest driver and firmware. This issue does not occur for onboard audio, and no difference if I disable onboard audio in BIOS. I also tried disabling all network adapters, I have both onboard ethernet and a pci-e wireless card.

Any ideas? This is a deal breaker if the device can’t stay on during recording sessions.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I’ve also tried this with my MS Surface Pro 2 and my wife’s HP Laptop with the same issue.

I have this same issue except I haven’t tried fiddling with the output knob. Did you get a reply from Steinberg? It’s been working fine until recently.

I did discover that unplugging it from the USB and plugging it back in “fixes” it (I chose a different USB port, but don’t know if that matters). Also it seems to happen consistently when the computer “wakes up” from being in sleep mode, or when the monitor turns off.

Audio dropout still happen at my end tho.
On Windows 8.1 Intel i7-6800k

Still no comment from Steinberg? Do they even read these?

I have exactly the same problem with Cubase 9.5.21 The Cubase audio just shuts off. I can’t trace what is causing it. I have the cubase power management in place. Sometimes 20 mins other 4 mins.

What the hell is doing this. I just can’t get any work done. It is killing the music process. HELP!