UR22mkII: Viny Recording RCA to XLR Stereo?


I just tried recording some LPs via RCA to XLR on UR22mkII, but I’m getting signal only through the right channel by Hi-Z switch ON.
My TurnTable output is on Line Out. (NO sound from Phono to XLR).

Where am I doing it wrong?
What would be the correct method for normal stereo recording, if possible at all?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Have you tried RCA to TRS ?

Have only just installed my UR 44 today so have not tried this myself, but are you going straight from the turntable to the interface? If so that’s not going to work becasue you need to have a phono pre amplification stage in between.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RIAA_equalization