UR22mkII volume control


Please forgive me, I am not an audio expert by any means. Perhaps you can answer a question.

I replaced a eight year old Mac Book Pro with a new one. As a result all USB connected devices either don’t work or need to upgraded. I purchased a UR22mkII to power and control my two Studio Phile speakers tha tI sue for video editing. I downloaded and updated the firmware and drivers. All appears to working great, except I can not control the volume from the key board. When I try to adjust the volume I see the speaker icon show up on the screen, but it’s grayed out and a circle with a line through it shows up. I can only adjust the volume by using the mix knob on the UR22mkII.

Any suggestions or is this all I can expect?

Cheers and thanks

Same here! Using macOS 10.13.5 and Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 1.9.10.
It is working on Windows 10 1803 - seems to be a driver-related issue!

Are there any plans for an updated driver?