UR22mkII Weird Problem (noises when i touch it)

Hi everyone. I bought UR22mkII Recording Pack last week and I admired it. The interface, the mic and headphones are awesome. My Steinberg says “Registered on Product activated on 02/08/2018”. So I downloaded Cubase AI and started to record my songs. But I have encountered with too annoying problem.

Firstly I think it occurs randomly. When I use Cubase or watch Youtube or just listen a simple music on my Win10 PC at any time the sound starting to sizzle like a horrible distortion. I googled for it and see this topic here. For seven days I tried everything to fix it but nothing worked for me (latest firmware and drivers (also tried old drivers), try on three different PCs and many other things).

The previous day I tried to record vocals for my songs but anytime when I turn on the Phantom Power, sound starting sizzle like an extremely loud distortion fx. I cannot work because of this.

And yesterday I realized much more and so bewildered. When I touch my UR22 the problem occurs. Just watch my 10 seconds video

Now the problem occurs randomly even I do nothing (for ex just watching a video) but if I touch the UR22 or turn Phantom on it occurs instantly and it doesn’t turn back to normal until I switch the UR22 off and on again. Do anybody encounter this situation just like me? What should I do right now? Please help.

My buddy got this exact problem on his mk2 recently. Never use to happen until some windows update came along…

So do you think this can be fixed by via software? I am about to send my UR22mkII to my local technical service for repairing. Should I send it immediately or wait for an update?

I really have no idea man, he just unplugs it and plugs it back in and the problem goes away. Im having my own issues with my mk1 that is software related but I would assume it could be the same thing. Ill ask him what he has done.

I would get rid of it, get a refund and buy another brand,
I have the old UR22 and its going great, but I see people are having too
many issues with the mk2 model, I am currently looking for an interface for
an ipad, and will be avoiding this one, I priced them on either amazon or ebay
and read complaints about them lasting a month before going funny and dying.
I like the one I have, it sounds great, but unfortunately I can not take a chance
on another given what I read, sorry I do not have a link to the article.


Too many issues lately and I feel bad as I recommended the UR22 too my buddy. I really hope Steinburg can shed some light on all of this.

What a shame :frowning: I’ve done too many researches before I bought mk2 and have narrowed down my options to 2 models: 1. Steinberg UR22mkII and 2. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 MK2 and watched lots of videos comparing both. After all of everything made my decision and bought this one and regret this. Maybe I should have bought Focusrite but I love Cubase. I tried this one on three different PCs running Win10 but Saturday my buddy will come with MacBook Air and we will also try this on MacOS. If the problem will also occur on Mac, I will ask for a refund. After testing on Mac I will post the result here again.
Thanks guys.

Hey again. I’ve just tested my mk2 with my buddy and guess what: yeah I’m not surprised. We downloaded latest driver for Mac and in first connection: ta da, the sound came with that annoying distortion. I turned off and on the interface the sound was clear then I touched it like in the video above, distortion came again. I am as sick as a parrot now about Steinberg and Yamaha. In my country (Turkey) there is only one technical Yamaha service (in Istanbul) and it is 1200 km away from my home and quite likely I will have to pay for shipping by cargo. Maybe it doesn’t matter for me but I’m pretty sure that it will be sent back to me saying that “it has been fixed” but it will be not fixed and when I touch it problem occurs again, because we always have things like this here. So frustrated :confused: :imp:

Sorry to hear your unit is most determinately a faulty one.
I really like the sound of my UR22, the older model, and would have been verry
happy with the Mk2 until I found quite a lot of troubled users, I do not know what
I will get now in order to connect to my ipad, just know it won’t be Steinberg,
on the software side though, I will be going for Cubasis, again it has a sound I like,
rich and warm.

There is a possibility your unit could be repaired, maybe a local electronics person
could look into it, seems like a loose connection, when you switch it off and start
it is ok for a while until you tap it, this disturbs the connection and causes
the crackles, that is why when you stop it and turn it on there is no crackle until
you tap it, at least its worth taking the cover off and investigating, not saying you
should do it, but someone who is used inside such devices and knows what to look for.
Also check your cables going into the unit, maybe the wires inside it are loose and it is them
that is causing the crackling, use a known good cable.

I use an Alesis I/o dock, it has midi in/out audio L/R in & out,
I have never had any issues until iOS updated to 11.2.0 then it would not recognise it,
Luckily I now have an iPad which is on 11.0.3
If I ever need to update the iOS, I have a Tascam US800 on standby.

Hi Cubasis99999
Thanks for mentioning the iodock issue, after update,
I see these on sale, and no know to avoid them as I am
on the latest version of ios, at the same time it seems
Alesis could or should be updating the firmware to recrify
this, it seems to be happening a lot with newer devices,
whether its ios or the interface manufacturers lack of
interest in supporting / no breaking what is already working
its the end user that ends up with a useless device, not acceptable.
Why is that these so called standards compatible devices are
actually the ones that are the least connectible, I am looking for
a usb interface for ios and noticing a pattern of trouble regarding
such devices very quickly being rendered useless due to updates
of ios, or lack of updates to address changes in ios, only for the latency
issues of Android I think I would be better served with Android, certainly
in the more costly Android sector where latency is now addressed and is
in line with ios, something to think about if I stick with mobile devices
and daw.

Hi Greener
A friend of mine uses a Tascam us800 which is usb.
I recently bought one for £30.00 but then had to buy an Apple camera connection kit which was £39
It has midi ECT his works on iOS 11.4
But as I refuse to update my iOS I still use 11.0.3 as I get great results from the Alesis.

There are other usb audio interfaces have a shop around, and read the reviews.

Best of luck.

Greener, I contacted Apple about the Alesis dock not being compatible with iOS 11.2.0 and higher,
Guess what… they blamed Alesis…

I contacted Alesis, and yes you guessed it, they blamed Apple

Shame one don’t just own up and admit what the issue is, I know which one is to blame as the Alesis works perfectly well until iOS updated to 11.2…


Thanks for the update regarding apple and alesis not
interested in owning up to what is certainly a problem
one or both are responsible for, this behavior is growing
as people become more and more invested in these large
companies, ms is king, they can manage to break almost
every ones program and hide out of harms way, they are king
of crap on desktops, but they are blind to the looming reality that
people do not need them as much as they think, with apple linux
and even android becoming more accepted and capable all the time,
we can now do as much on ios and android than we could do on a desktop
or laptop not that long ago, I simply do not like ms, their continual updates
that break things, their os is so bloated it can subdue every breakthrough
on the hardware side of things, the more power we get from our devices,
the more ms seems to need, and to do what, the same things we could do
Ten years ago on much less capable hardware, too many resources stolen
to keep ms snooping, taking up bandwidth and forcing us to keep their
programs running, hail the day when android or ios puts an end to ms, by then hopefully
something will have come along that will force apple to stop rendering our devices
useless because of their desire to control and push us in the direction that suits them.

I totally agree…
I refuse to upgrade to ms windows, I still use xp on my pc just to store music, zip files ECT…
The only reason I use Apple is for Cubasis, and to create music with the growing amount of synths, effects mastering apps avalible
The best days are gone when I used Atari ste and pro12 no updates on that…lol
Hope you get your set up sorted out…