UR22MKii win 11 bugs

Since I’ve installed windows 11 my audio interface (the 22 mkII) keeps on bugging.
When it bugs (when I have the latest driver installed) my audio interface sounds like it disconnecting and then reconnecting - after a phase like this I wont be able to hear anything or say anything to the mic unless I set the inputs and outputs all over again - it happens in a loop in small periods of time.
When I have the driver uninstalled it still bugs but now it sounds like the audio driver goes really bad quality for a few seconds and then back to normal. this happen over and over again over small periods of times as well.

Please help me figure this out - I believe this is a driver related issue because I’ve plugged my audio interface to my macbook where there is no driver installed and it sounds perfectly find over long periods of time (no bugs whatsoever)

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Same issue here since one week. When loading Cubase or any application in standalone mode such as BIAS FX or Neural DSP audio cuts for a period of time and multiple times audio is not longer available.

All drivers are up to date, restart of the devices etc.

I have removed ASIO and reinstalled the latest drivers available and this didn’t solve the issue. After I uninstalled the latest version 2.1.1 of the Yamaha driver and installed the previous version 2.0.3 (link here: Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Updates and Downloads | Steinberg) the issue got resolved.

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