UR22MKii win 11 bugs

Since I’ve installed windows 11 my audio interface (the 22 mkII) keeps on bugging.
When it bugs (when I have the latest driver installed) my audio interface sounds like it disconnecting and then reconnecting - after a phase like this I wont be able to hear anything or say anything to the mic unless I set the inputs and outputs all over again - it happens in a loop in small periods of time.
When I have the driver uninstalled it still bugs but now it sounds like the audio driver goes really bad quality for a few seconds and then back to normal. this happen over and over again over small periods of times as well.

Please help me figure this out - I believe this is a driver related issue because I’ve plugged my audio interface to my macbook where there is no driver installed and it sounds perfectly find over long periods of time (no bugs whatsoever)


Same issue here since one week. When loading Cubase or any application in standalone mode such as BIAS FX or Neural DSP audio cuts for a period of time and multiple times audio is not longer available.

All drivers are up to date, restart of the devices etc.

I have removed ASIO and reinstalled the latest drivers available and this didn’t solve the issue. After I uninstalled the latest version 2.1.1 of the Yamaha driver and installed the previous version 2.0.3 (link here: Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Updates and Downloads | Steinberg) the issue got resolved.

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Its now over a year and it seems the issue has not been fixed yet.
I just recently installed Win 11 and literally getting the same problems.
After following the advice in this post by installing the previous version 2.0.3. the issue seems less apparent but I am still getting drop outs every few minutes and its really annoying.
I had no issues with Win 10 at all. And the fact that an older version works better then the intended newer version for win 11 is ridiculous.

I was just wondering if anyone else found another solution for that or If I can just hope Steinberg is reading this post and getting a fix out for Win 11.

Btw. I tried the latest version 2.1.5 at first but that gave me the worst experience. I heard that 2.1.4 might work better. Does any one knows how to get my hands on this older verison?

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I have no link for the 2.1.4 driver, but did you try to replace the Yamaha driver by asio4all or flexasio? They are Freeware/OpenSource drivers and can be downloaded here

Hi JuergenP

I have tried to use asio4all but I am getting other issues with. For example I am not able to listen to music in my browser and at the DAW at the same time. I am not sure if that is a setting?

Je pense avoir enfin trouver la réponse !
J’AVAIS EXACTEMENT LE MËME PROBLEME ! j’ai chercher partout et tout était correct que ce soit la carte son ou mon pc fixe, surtout que je ne rencontrait pas ce problème lorsque je l’utilisais sur mon pc portable ,

Du coup je me suis rendu compte que mon pc était brancher sur une multiprise plutôt ancienne j’ai juste acheter une nouvelle multiprise j’ai tout rebranché et magie ! tout fonctionne parfaitement depuis 2 jours maintenant , le soucis était donc que l’alimentation de l’ordinateur était instable ou insuffisante du coup ça créait ce bug !

Essayez de votre coté et dites moi est-ce que ç’est bon pour vous ?

I think I finally found the answer!
I HAD EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM! I looked everywhere and everything was correct whether it was the sound card or my desktop PC, especially since I did not encounter this problem when I used it on my laptop,

Suddenly I realized that my pc was plugged into a rather old power strip I just bought a new power strip I plugged everything back in and magic! everything has been working perfectly for 2 days now, so the problem was that the computer’s power supply was unstable or insufficient suddenly it created this bug!

Try it on your side and tell me is it good for you?

I too am having similar problems as stated in this thread.

Every time I start Windows 11 I get a message stating the Yamaha driver has been installed and the PC needs to restart.

As a result of this, I decided to totally clean out the drivers and reinstall manually. I extracted the setup.exe using 7zip. I then went into device manage and attempted to update the Microsoft USB 2.0 driver that keeps being detected as the “best driver” for my UR22 MKII only to find the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 2.1.5 driver is not compatible with the version of Windows I am running!

You said you are running Windows 11, so how do you know that this driver is not compatible?

What is so different in your Windows release?

I have a different problem but similar possible connection.

New PC, Windows 11, my old UR22 MkII - normally fine (apart from slightly noisy Vol. output contol).
My browser is Firefox by choice and set default… All Apps and drivers are latest versions.

My problem is that quite often the sound starts to break up in a stuttering or fast chopped fashion. It’s my default sound device for all applications, and reports ‘latest firmware’.

It happens if I open applications which might access default sound device (UR22) for actual or potential sound output. It usually happens in a YouTube screen, but breaks up if I switch to an instrument App, Wavelab, Cubase, Kontakt, or any other app wanting to use the UR22. Not all Apps ‘take control’ of device, however.

Apart from going to Settings, devices etc and disabling the UR22 to favour a different device (all normally disabled) I can fix it by hot-unplugging UR22 USB input (which provides power too) and putting it back in. The device is then found and works correctly.

Oddly, I discovered that with the fault active in the browser, if I open N.I. Kontakt, which then works fine, then close Kontact, the correct sound function is passed over to the browser… usually.

Have any others experienced this with UR22 II and Windows, please?

I think it’s a generic Windows 11 USB setting. If I keep any USB port busy (for example I copy many files onto a USB stick), during the copy the UR22 doesn’t disconnect. Maybe something related to power saving.