UR242 and Digitizing vinyl records.

Dear forum members,

I’m something of a newbie with ADC devices. I have been searching for an ADC I can use to digitise my vinyl records and have researched many models and have decided that the UR242 might be the device for me. I’m currently recording at 44.1Khz PCM into a handheld Hi-MD device and am looking to upgrade.

I have read the pdf manual and note that the device supports line level inputs. My plan to digitise the vinyl will be phono out to my hi-fi amplifier, then flat from the amplifier to the UR242 via the record out jacks on the amplifier (line level).

I have read the manual back to front and it only cites connecting ‘musical instruments’ (guitar/keyboards) to the device.

I’d like to check that the UR242 would be OK to record other sources, such as in the above scenario at line level before I go ahead with my purchase.

Can any forum users confirm the UR242 will be OK for my intended purpose?

Many thanks in advance for any advice/thoughts.

You will be good to go with the 242 as it does indeed have two line level inputs.

Keep the RCA to 1/4" TS cables as short as possible between the amp and the 242 to avoid any added interference through the unbalanced connection.

Many thanks jimmys69 for the advice.


I have heard folks saying that when they connect a cable from a phono preamp to UR22 MK 2 , they are only getting audio on one side . Could it be that they are using the wrong cable .