UR242 and Roland TD-1DMK Audio Connection Problem

Hi everyone,

After spending a good time searching online, or a thread discussing on this forum, I´ve decided to write a note. Apologies if this has been previously discussed!

I´m trying to record (and play live through speakers) AUDIO from the Roland TD-1DMK trough the UR242. The connection is as follows: TD-1DMK audio output > stereo jack > UR242 Audio input > UR242 Audio output (L and R) > Y cable > speakers (Bose desktop speakers with single mini jack input).

TD1-DMK has drum 15 kits. When selecting any drum kit other than drum kit #1 (the dry/basic kit with no noticeable FX), the sound coming out of the UR242 is HORRIBLE and at a lower volume. To explain, when selecting drum kit #2, apart from this strong toilet-like reverb being added even to the metronome, the snare and kick sound like what you can find in a toilet, the toms bad, and the cymbals not too bad.

If I connect my AKG studio headphones to the TD-1DM directly, it sounds BEAUTIFUL. Drum kit #2 is my favourite; it has a little reverb, and the snare and kick are powerful as hell.

If I connect the TD-1DMK to the speakers directly, the sound is obviously not as good as on the AKG headphones, but, it stills sounds good. Everything in it’s right place.

If I connect the headphones to the headphones output of the UR242, I still get the same horrible sound. Therefore, the UR242 must be causing the issue. Please stop me here, if I’m wrong!

Assuming the UR242 is causing the issue, I tried disabling all FX, even with the DSPMix pre-FX disabled without having Cubase on and NO changes (same horrible sound). I also tried adjusting with all FX in DSP and Cubase to mitigate the issue and there is no way that bad audio can be fixed.

I’ve tried connecting the TD-1DMK to the UR242 in all possible ways with the same result, +4 -10 db entry level changes on input 3 and 4, the filters on 1 and 2… Same result through any output of the UR242 (speakers and headphones).

What is the UR242 doing? Is there anything I need to change on the way I´m connetinc things, or how the UR242 is setup?

Sorry for such a long post and thanks in advance for any help!

The UR242 Inputs are (symmetrical) mono Inputs! Pluging a Stereo Output Jack into that Input will mono the Signal and additionally polarity reverse one side of the Stereo Signal.

Hi Svennilenni,

Finally! I think you have stpotted the issue! :slight_smile:

How do I go about solving it? I’ve added a stereo track in Cubase (instead of the standard mono), but it does not solve the problem. Do I need to set up either inputs 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 as L and R inputs and use a Y cable from the Roland?

No, the Problem is in the Audio Connection

Yes. An Y cable that splits tip and ring of the Stereo end, not one that doubles them.

So, I´ve tried the Y cable I had around it solves the issue!

That said, when I have Cubase on, the signal is pretty high and I when I hit the drums hard, it clips. However, the volume is lower than the volume I get when connecting the headphones drectly to the drums. I´m using inputs 3 and 4 at -10 db, should I change it to +4db?

Also, looking closely at the stereo singal level in the stereo track, the L bar goes higher than the R bar; is this correct or L and R should have the same level?

Thanks a lot for finding the main issue!!