UR242 - channel signals not in balance


Wondering if anyone can help with a problem that recently popped up “out of nowhere,” when resuming work after several months’ hiatus from recording.

What is happening is an imbalance between L/R channels – strong R channel, present but weak L channel – but only as it pertains to the signal going into the PC from the UR242 interface, via USB. That is, there is no issue with instrument or speaker cabling, as monitoring audio is balanced and normal. In other words, it’s clear that the actual audio signal from instruments and to speakers, as routed through the interface, is fine; it’s only the USB signal the computer is receiving from the interface that is out of balance.

At first I thought the issue was exclusive to Cubase, but it shows up when trying to record to Audacity as well, and it also shows on the input meter in the dspFxMIX/interface firmware application. As for the firmware, all gain levels are set to unity and balance is at center everywhere.

I have tried using different USB cables and PC ports, all with the same result – so there doesn’t seem to be an issue with the USB cable or the USB ports on the PC.

Clean install of the latest UR242 drivers did not fix the issue either.
I’ve been fiddling with this for days and can’t figure it out.

Could there be some crazy OS setting that has been adjusted, related to a Windows update (Windows 10.0.19041)?

Is it possible that something is wrong with the USB out on the UR242?

Just wondering if anyone has had this issue, or if anyone has any ideas for troubleshooting. Again, sorry to be repetitive, but I want to stress that we’ve eliminated any possibility of an audio cabling or speaker cabling issue, because it’s not a playback problem. It is specific to the USB signal the PC is receiving from the interface. I only repeat that information because it might be easily confused with some other audio issue.

Many thanks!

I dont have the answer , I just want to ask: have you eliminated the usb port as the source?