UR242 Input 1 Only Input Being Recognized By Windows

I have a UR242 connected to my computer via USB. I have 1 microphone input via XLR on the front on channel 1. I also have another input on the back via input 3 from another computer. When I look at the dspMixFx software, it shows that I am getting audio from both inputs, however, when I look at the “Line” Steinberg UR242 input in the windows “Sound” settings, I only see the “bar” on the right side light up when sound comes through the microphone (input 1) and not through input 3, no matter how loud I play the audio into that input. Is there something I’m missing that controls what audio gets sent through what outputs and what audio gets sent to windows via the USB connection to then be used by other applications?

I’m in the same boat. I get input through the device itself, I can hear through dspMixFx and it works in Reaper but I can’t figure out how to make windows recognize it for use in other software as a mic.

Same here, already opened several topics and Tickets but no solution yet. It came with the 1803 release of Windows and nothing except Cubase gets any mic input.

I have the same problem , I wanna to use input 3 and 4 in skype , Camtasia and etc.