UR242 input monitoring in Cubase

When I run Cubase, then immediately all input signals are muted and in order to hear them I should create an audio track in Cubase and use Cubase monitoring, which adds a latency to the signal a bit. Does it meant to work this way? Does it mean that UR242 does not provide hardware monitoring of the input signals?

Hello serqent,

To monitor latency-free with the dsp effects running on the UR242 you need to activate Direct Monitoring (Device Setup/VST Audio System).

In the MixConsole you can find the custome hardware pane (Racks). Here you can do all settings for monitoring with dsp effects.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber


I have the same problem. I try to use the direct monitoring to recrod with the dsp effects and I can’t hear anything. I see the signal in the mixer, but I can’t hear anything. Should I active any other option?
I have activated direct monitoring but it seems not to work
Could you help me?