UR242 Latency Between Line (Rear) and Mic (Front) Inputs

Hi all,

I’m a guitar player and I have got a UR242 for my home studio. I’m happy in general but I’ve faced with an issue recently.

I’m using 3 outputs from my pedal board (WET/DRY/WET setup). 2 channel for Stereo (R & L hard panned) and the other one channel (Mono Center) is for my Dry signal. They all are coming from the same source. I tried Mic inputs (front) for Stereo channels and Line output (rear) for Dry mono channel. Interestingly there is a latency difference between front and rear inputs. I’ve tried to connect visa versa but it’s still the same. The front inputs are slightly later than the rear inputs. This latency cause a phasing issue while direct monitoring. I can fix this after recording just by sliding forward the front input channels so I can sync all the channels. But there is no possible way to do this while direct monitoring.

Has anyone had similar issue?

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Hi all,

No one had this issue before? Is there anyone from Steinberg who can tell something about this?

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